Creating the District Vision

Vision statements are a necessary part of continuous improvement as we must make sure all of our efforts are guiding us to the same common goal. A vision cannot be created by one person. Instead, the process of creating a vision must have voice and buy-in from all stakeholders.

The admin team started this process in August (see our work here ) and now teacher leaders on the SIT have been involved in the process (See the conversation here ).

The Work of the SIT

Follow-up from the Thursday, October 22, 2009 meeting
SIT members, please continue to fine tune ideas by posting and replying to thoughts in the discussion thread on this wiki The ideas generated on Thursday's meeting are captured below.

How will we look and feel differently than other schools when we reach our goal? What will set us apart? What do we want for Van Meter Schools?
Student centered
· Welcoming
· Technology focused
· Student and teacher rapport
· Approachable for students
· Student interest driven
· Student involvement in lots of areas (extra curricular areas, curricular areas, leadership opportunities for students)
· Authentic learning that is project based and integrated
· Positive reinforcement
· Safe
· Teachers that care
· Leadership opportunities for teachers

To make a CONNECTION by building RELATIONSHIPS and facilitate students to finding their PASSIONS.

Van Meter School is committed to creating a proactive, positive, respectful, learning environment to support academic achievement, develop global learners and create students who value themselves and others. We utilize community involvement, flexible structures and technology to enhance student achievement and professional development.

We are developing global, digtial, passionate citizens that can THINK, LEAD, and SERVE.

What's next in Crafting the VIsion

Next steps in creating a district vision include sharing ideas with all staff, community groups (the Superintendent's Instructional Advisory Committee, SIAC will share in this work during the November 17th meeting), and student leadership team. The district goal is to have the vision in place by January 1, 2010.