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What are our deadlines?
  1. K-12 Implementation Plan due July 2010
  2. Full Implementation by 2012

Definition of Full Implementation: Full implementation is accomplished when the school or
district is able to provide evidence that an ongoing process is in place to ensure that each and
every student is learning the Essential Concepts and Skill Sets of the Iowa Core Curriculum. A
school that has fully implemented the Iowa Core Curriculum is engaged in an ongoing process of
data gathering and analysis, decision making, identifying actions, and assessing impact around
alignment and professional development focused on content, instruction, and assessment. The
school is fully engaged in a continuous improvement process that specifically targets improved
student learning and performance.

We'll include the other following legislated deadlines into our implementation plan:
Districts must:
1. Respond to all outcomes and targets of the implementation plan
Due July 1, 2010, for grades 9-12
Due July 1, 2012, for grades K-8
2. Complete an initial alignment of local content with Core Curriculum Essential Concepts
and Skill Sets in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and 21st Century Skills
(Civic Literacy, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, Technology Literacy, and
Employability Skills) and steps to address any gaps
Due July 1, 2012, for grades 9-12
Due 2013-2014, for grades K-8
3. Complete initial analysis of alignment of content, instruction, assessment, and steps to
address gaps
Due July 1, 2012, for 9-12
Due July 1, 2014, for K-8
4. Complete initial analysis of professional development needs in the areas of instruction
and assessment and integrate into the District Professional Development Plans (following
CSIP procedures)
Due July 1, 2012, for 9-12
Due 2013-2014, for K-8