Technology in the Iowa Core Curriculum for Learning

Our purpose: To learn technology, make connections with the Iowa Core, and model our learning for our students and for our peers.
What do you think? Does this statement capture the idea that modeling doesn't mean we are perfect and that we can model and share our examples of what not to do?
Nov. 17th Learning Day

Summary of our first training 10.27.09:

What did you think? What did you learn?

Collaboration with technology is going to be easily integrated into my classroom because I will focus on my standards and incorporate technology along the way. 21st century skills are going to require that students are learning any and everywhere they can, and we need to give students the tools to obtain the information they need, as well as support an education that allows them to learn at their own pace an caliber. (KN)

I discovered some new technology programs we can use with the 1:1 in the classroom. I am just still discovering independently how to move around on the I-touch...The applications on how you can use them in the classroom specifically is something I am still working with discovering as we are a special case with 1:1. It is exciting however I think as I explore more technology pieces the I-pod touch part will fall in place for some implementation. Having a small item to have individual students listen to a story read in the second language from one of my stories they are reading and those who need listening reinforcement would be helpful. (SW)

Next Steps:
  1. Elementary teachers have just received macs as part of their 2 year commitment to model technology integration for our district. Our team will share ideas and tips with them for using the Macs through this wiki and through weekly, quick how-to sessions.
  2. We need a day to process, share, and integrate what we learned since our first training session. Jen will help coordinate subs and AEA support staff for either Nov. 13th or Nov. 17th. We'll find a room here in the district to work that day, and this will help us bridge our conversation until the next training session held January 11, 2010.
  3. Our online portion of this commitment is focused on collaboration. The AEA instructor will be emailing us when it's ready