Van Meter Schools 2009-2010

Message from the Director of Teaching and Learning - Jen Sigrist

District Instructional Plan
Spring is such a great time of year. It's like a reward for dealing with the winter. Spring is also an opportunity to start looking forward and planning what things we can accomplish this summer and next school year. One of the planning tools we use is the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). This year we will also submit an Iowa Core Implementation Plan. There are other plans we must submit as well that look at how we did as a district this year and what we are planning to do for the next school year. All of these plans get down to one thing: How are we going to improve student learning? It doesn't matter how good we are; we must always look to do better. You might not know it, but we've been working on school improvement planning continuously - all year long. Our District Instructional Plan will be a document that synthesizes everything we do for learning to reach it's potential. The School Improvement Team (SIT), the Iowa Core subcommittee, our district's advisory committee (SIAC), and Building Leadership Teams (BLT) all play a part in the creation of the living document that guides our practice. This plan will be made widely available at the start of the 2010-2011 school year.

Professional Development is Crucial
We need more professional development time to implement the changes that our district seeks as part of our vision for students. We want to protect instructional time as much as possible and provide uninterrupted time for all K-12 teachers to meet with flexible groups. This collaboration time will help foster an environment of learning for all in our district, teachers and students alike.

Work on the district vision

Think, Lead, Serve. What's your passion?

Everyone in the district must have input and a clear understanding of the district's vision. What do want Van Meter to look like for our students? What will be special about being here? What will make our graduates better prepared for a digital, global economy? Our district vision will be going to the board in March. Our school advisory committee (SIAC), Building leadership teams, staff, and students will have all helped create the vision that guides us. Thank you for your work!