Our goal for the day's work: Complete the list of themes for our curriculum (aligned to ICC) and map them out over the grade levels.
Next Step: Write Van Meter benchmarks that distinguish student learning at each grade.

8:15am - Review the Curriculum Revision Process, goals for today, and expectations
8:30am - What do we believe about Social Studies Curriculum?
We believe social studies is an integrated study that should teach kids:
  1. appreciation for other cultures
  2. privileges and responsibilities of being an American citizen
  3. multiple perspectives to an event or an idea
  4. how history impacts/influences the future
  5. to learn about themselves
Review the ICC opening statement
9:00am - Generate the Big Questions
Look at list of themes from our previous work - add ideas
Create essential questions from the big ideas that we generated.
Example of a Big Question
Famous People in history
What makes a person famous?

Trends in history
What determines the start and end of an civilization, era, time period, or age?
What role have religions played throughout history?
Behavior of people, leadership, culture
How does change occur?
What are the importances of natural resources?
geography, migration
Why do things move?
Behavior of people, conflict
What defines a friend, peer, ally, enemy

Why does conflict exist?

What groups am I part of? What makes groups unique?

How are regions different?

Why do governments form? expand? collapse?

Why do people migrate?

How do groups influence other groups and individual behavior?

Why do religions exist?

What factors can change a way of thinking?

What are the forms of government? What roles do citizens play in different types of governments?

What influences government?

What things impact economies?

How do people engage in conflict?

How are conflicts resolved?

How do other countries and cultures impact us?

What is culture?

How do religions differ?

12:30pm - Look at the Iowa Core to see what Big Questions may be missing

2:30pm - Determine how the Big Questions fall over grade spans in alignment with the Iowa Core