April 21, 2010
Study Hall in Secondary Building

2:30 - How do Van Meter Teachers Model the Characteristics of Effective Instruction?
1. (30 minutes) Examples of what our colleagues are doing in their classrooms.
6th grade
Mr. Hyer's Reading Class
Daily Five in 1st Grade

2. (20 minutes) In your small group, discuss the implementation of the Characteristics of Effective Instruction at Van Meter using the following guiding questions:

  • If you could pick one characteristic that would have the most impact on student learning if done well, which characteristic would it be, and why?
  • Which characteristic(s) are already happening with fidelity at Van Meter? Which Characteristics are we best at? What makes you think so?
  • Which characteristic(s) has/have the most room for growth? What makes you think so?
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3:20 - Iowa Core Curriculum Affects Us All
We've talked about how the 21st Century Skills are everybody's job to teach our students. It's embedded throughout our curriculum and no content area is free from the responsibility of addressing these skills with students. The Literacy strand of the Iowa Core is very similar. We are all teachers of literacy. This is not language arts curriculum. This is about what it takes to be an effective communicator (the "E" in Van Meter's RESPECT). In your grade level/content area groups, discuss what is in place and what needs to be in place to make literacy learning for our students truly integrated into all content areas.
Iowa Core Curriculum Home Page
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3:45 - Ticket out
For your exit ticket from today's professional development, click on the discussion tab at the top of this wiki page and in a brief paragraph, explain what you have learned about the Iowa Core this year. Feel free to include additional questions you have and ideas you have about what this might look like in your classroom next year.