January 27, 2010 (we were unable to meet Dec. 9 to due the snow, go figure:))

Teachers will meet in small, K-12 groups throughout the building. Each group will be facilitated by a teacher leader. The groups and agenda are below:
Elem. Library
Sec. Library
Merical's Room
Jorth's Room
Hyer's Room
Nelsen's Room
Teacher Leader
Stacy Peterson
Tracy Ferguson
Elaine Merical
Brent Jorth
Shawn Hyer
Kelly Nelsen
Kim Carey
Trey Armistead
Jennifer Callahan
Rebecca Comer
Wendy Druery
Stacey Wigant

Jared Lange
Shannon Miller
Mike Hoffelmeyer
Bart Jones
Kent Miller
Dave Tapps

Bob Long
Colleen Tendall
Eric Trudo
Angie Tipling
Holly Heard
Angel Melendez

Mindy Doggett
Christa McClintock
Deb Saylor
Lynne Caltrider
Kayleen Bertman
Mary Murillo

Lisa Ihnen
Ann Volk
Jenny Stephens
Amber Schenck
Carrie Foell
Cindi Byrnes

Lorie Prouty
Lisa Brickman
Janelle Thompson
Bobbi Daggett
Staci Braun
Jim Bragg

Marsha Fries
Dustin Wright
Joel Bartz
Diana Mandernach
Rod Beem
Eldonna Skahill

JoEllen Wesselmann

Bill Miller

Note: Today's PD is teacher-led. Administrators will be available via email and through the chats on each of the etherpads used in today's learning.

1.Review PD goal for the year, the timeline for the rest of the year, and the learning outcome for today (5 minutes)

Note: we will not be meeting back in the band room today (Jan. 27th) as this video states towards the end of the clip.

2. Reflect on your learning regarding Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum (15 minutes)
Take a moment and reflect upon what you have learned about rigorous and relevant curriculum in the past few months. Jot down your ideas on your own paper and then share with the whole group.

Have someone in your group collect the thoughts on the K-12 Etherpad . What do we know about Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum? What questions do we still have about it?

Check out these other resources to help clarify your thoughts:

3. Develop a working definition of Teaching for Understanding and Student Centered Classroom. (15 minutes)
Compare the definitions on the laminated handout of the characteristics of effective instruction and the walk-through template that administrators are developing as part of their professional development. Discuss in your small groups what each characteristic is and is not. Have one or two people in your group collect your ideas on the etherpad and offer suggestions to the walk through template wording.

View the walk-through template here

4. Video clip - What do these Characteristics of Effective Instruction look like in the classroom? (20 minutes)

After watching the clip, discuss:
  • Which of the characteristics we've discussed so far are most represented in this video?
  • What does Teaching for Understanding and Student Centered Classrooms look like in the classroom?
Go back to the etherpad discussion and have one or two people in your group add any new thoughts or make changes to what you've already shared.

5. Deeper conversation about Van Meter: (25 minutes)
Have one or two people in your group Collect your group's thoughts here
  1. How does your current current curriculum help/hinder teaching for understanding?
  2. How does it feel to be a student/teacher in a student centered classroom?
  3. How do these characteristics look the same/different in an elementary classroom and secondary classroom?

6. Closure (10 minutes)
Today's PD was set up in a very different way than traditional in-services. How did the structure help your learning? What could be done to make the learning experience more valuable for you? Share your ideas on the reflection sheet that your facilitator has given you (an electronic copy is attached below). This information will help us craft even better learning experiences for our K-12 staff as we continue learning about the Characteristics of Effective Instruction. Also, please complete this online poll before your leave today's PD session.

Take the poll

Thank you for your time and willingness to be part of a new professional learning experience for our district!

Data and Results from this professional development:

Results from poll:

Synthesis of reflection sheets:

3 things I know

I am square with this

Questions going around in my mind

  • This type of teaching and learning will take time, training, and collaboration
  • Give kids a variety of ways to demonstrate learning
  • Authentic experiences
  • We need to change
  • Students need to take control of their own learning
    • we need to teach them the skills necessary to do this
  • Memorization isn't enough - kids need to use, reflect, and create knowledge
  • Curriculum needs to relate to real world
  • Relationships are important
  • Do we need to change our current structures to do this work?
  • Where are we with the Iowa Core Curriculum Implementation?
  • What effects will budget cuts have on this work?
  • How do we assess and grade this type of work?
    • project based learning
    • role of standardized assessments
  • How do we balance instruction between knowledge and skills?
    • Quad. A versus D?
    • Higher order thinking with basics that need to be mastered?
  • What is the role of the "leatherman" in this?
  • Can we really "engage" ALL students?
external image insert_table.gif
Additional Feedback on Walk-through template:
  • Haven't been to my classroom yet/as much as others
  • Why haven't I been on a walk-through?
  • What are the numbers for on the template?