District School Improvement Team

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Our work

  1. Help create and plan for the district vision
  2. Set goals and determine assessments to measure success towards those goals
  3. Determine the implementation plan for the Iowa Core Curriculum
  4. Create long range and short term professional development plan
  5. Monitor system progress towards goals and action plans by analyzing data
  6. Monitor teacher quality pieces as directed by the state.
  7. Facilitate communication within and throughout the district

Our Group Norms

  • Respect
  • Start and end on time
  • Stay on task
  • open communication - allow input from all
  • ready to move district forward
  • treats
  • cell phones on silent
  • you have the right to "pass"
  • not sitting whole time - breaks
  • remember our clients are the kids/students
  • work agreements about consensus and communication to stakeholders

Summer Retreat

June 8, 9, and 10, 8am - 3pm
Heartland AEA in Johnston, room 11

Goals for our retreat:

  1. Sharpen the district vision and craft a unified message about what it means and looks like.
  2. Review district-wide assessment data as they relate to annual student-achievement goals.
  3. Review district annual achievement goals and make connections with action plans.
  4. Create district instructional plan.
  5. Understand the principles behind Professional Learning Communities (PLC's).
  6. Revise the PD schedule for 2010-2011 to meet actions listed in district instructional plan.
  7. Commit to next year's work through SIT, subcommittees, and/or lead learner.

May 3, 2010
Goals for our meeting:

  • Review ITBS/ITED data and recommend annual goals
  • Look at Outcome 6 of Iowa Core as a model for the implementation plan process
  • Draft action steps for outcomes 1, 3, 4, and 5 (small group)

Notes for Data Discussions

HEART database

Iowa Core Implementation Plan

February 18, 2010
See full agenda and notes here

November 17, 2009
See full agenda and notes here

Walk through template - DRAFT

October 22, 2009
See full agenda and notes here

Organizational Chart Graphic developed 10.08.09
Great meeting this week where we decided on a graphic to help explain on internal organizational structure. We'll start sharing this graphic (once it's prettier) to other stakeholders for final tweaking. Expect to revisit the feedback in the future. Do we have any students that can make the graphics look nicer?

What is SIT's role in the district's plan to "reach the moon"? posted 9.24.09
We talked about the leadership tasks below and decided that the School Improvement Team and Iowa Core Team should be combined. These tasks all seem so intertwined that separating the work just didn't seem feasible. We are working on establishing an evening meeting this month to address the immediate work in front of us. All SIT members and ICC leadership members (from now on identified as SIT) will be contacted via email to schedule the next meeting.

Use the following googledoc link below to sign up for district committees that you would be interested in serving on and bringing information back to the full SIT. Please consider the amount of time required in each committee. Other staff members will be part of the committees besides the SIT. Encourage colleagues to join; shared leadership makes the change happen. (we need students to help create this graphic too :-)
SIT - sub committee sign up