Iowa Core Leadership Team
Members include teachers and administrators

Ann Volk - Elementary Teacher
John Carver - Superintendent of Schools
Lisa Ihnen - Elementary Teacher
Deron Durflinger - Secondary Principal
Dr. Maribeth Arentsen - Elementary Principal
Rod Beem - Secondary Counselor
Kelly Nelsen - Secondary Teacher
Brent Jorth - Secondary Teacher
Jen Sigrist - Director of Teaching and Learning
Jared Lange - Secondary Techer

ICC Leadership Day 3 Training - April 8, 2010
Jen's notes

Great Video on Teacher Education
link to materials provided by the trainers

ICC team follow-up meeting - February 22, 2010
  • Review notes from day 2 ICC training
  • Complete the self-study on Outcome 6 (see page 44 of ICC handbook)
  • Walk through the steps to take data to create implementation plan
  • Implementation Plan Link
  • Determine model for SIT
  • Make decision about Day 3 of ICC training in April (am updates, pm team time)

Day 3 leadership training will be attended by 2-3 people only to bring information back to whole ICC team.
Next SIT meeting will happen after the ICC team debriefs the day 3 training.

Day 2 of Iowa Core Leadership training is scheduled for February 1st. The district has decided to send administrators to the full day training and then bring back the information for the full Iowa Core Leadership team to discuss and decide what the entire Van Meter staff needs to move forward. Notes will be captured on etherpad for the entire team to follow on the 1st and additional notes will be taken at the full team meeting. We are hoping to have the full team meeting on February 12th. Check with administrators for more information.
Notes from 2.1.10 Etherpad
This handout will be a central document used in our planning. It is a large document, so please do not print it. Copies of all necessary documents will be provided at our next ICC meeting.

This is one example of the documentation the Department of Ed. is providing districts on the Characteristics of Effective Instruction. This brief will be followed with a literature review as well. The DE has said additional briefs will be released "soon". :-)

Day 1 training provided by Heartland: Monday, October 5th.
Notes from 10.5.09 on Etherpad