Initial Book Study Meeting
Ideas to start the work
Estimated time: 1-2 meetings

1. Introductions, if needed
2. What experiences have you had with being a member of a book study?
a. What made it a good experience?
b. What could this group do to make sure this book study is successful?
3. What norms does this group want to set so that all members know the group’s expectations and can participate in a successful team study of the book?
a. Start and end on time. 7:30 – 8:15am Tuesday and Thursday
b. Bring laptops
c. ?
d. ?
4. What roles do we need to have at each meeting and how will we fill these roles?
a. Suggestions: note taker, timekeeper, on taskmaster, facilitator, etc.
b. ?
5. Start a KWL chart. (use any tool you’d like to capture ideas, and send digitally to your supporting administrator).
a. What do we know about PLC’s?
b. What questions do we have? What do we want to learn?
6. How should we approach studying the book?
a. Ideas: one chapter per week, set the next meeting’s discussion at the end of each meeting, start with a chapter, etc.