2010-2011 PLC Creations

There was a lot of great work created in PLC's during 2010-2011. During our sharing time, staff members commented on wanting to have a central place to access the great resources that other PLC's shared. Please take some time to link and/or upload your documents to this wiki. Use the format started to add your resources. Thanks for all your great work!

PLC Names: Stacy P., Annie, Angie, Holly, Kim
SMART Goal: By moving to a standards-based approach of teaching and assessing learning, 80%* of students will show mastery on the “ unit” of math.
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PLC Names: Math group
SMART Goal: Lisa, Lisa and Elaine
Develop a common measurement tool that can be used k-5 to determine success level for math computation skills and so 100% of students k-5 in need of extra support or SpEd service can be identified.
Resources to share:https://docs.google.com/a/vmbulldogs.com/document/d/100fPh4H1HYpkjZyo1oJPlIQRYaAoAWblkkF_Qd_nMwo/edit?hl=en_US

PLC Names: Jenn, Rebecca, Marsha, Bob
Through creating a common assessment and individually developing reflection rubrics, students will look in depth to see how reflection improves their overall learning starting at the beginning of the 2nd semester through the end of the school year.
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PLC Names:
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