Sept. 14, 2009
Full Day Inservice

Session handout for Online Databases

Heartland link for Van Meter

Feedback from Staff Exit Tickets
What are ways we address 21st Century Skills already?
What Connections do you see between the 21st Century Skills and Characteristics of Effective Instruction?
//Civic Literacy
  • Books of Hope
  • Mock Elections
  • Student leadership opportunitites
  • Community service projects
  • Social Studies curriculum - government
  • Constitution Day
  • Tribes
Employability Skills
  • School Store
  • Biz Town
  • Character Counts
  • Career Day with DMACC
  • Career Research Project (general business class)
  • Family and Consumer Science curriculum
  • Collaborative learning groups
  • Resume unit
Financial Literacy
  • Biz Town
  • Consumer Math
  • Stock market unit
Health Literacy
  • Health classes
  • Physical activity contracts
  • Internet safety lessons, speakers, etc.

Technology Literacy
  • Online discussions with teacher blogs and wikis
  • Computer curriculum
  • Digital Citizenship curriculum (advisory, library, and computers)
  • Research projects in various classes using information literacy skills
  • Student access to technology (proscopes, laptops, elmos, online tools)

Teaching for Understanding
  • ask students thoughts in online discussions
Teaching for Learner Differences
  • ask students thoughts in online discussions
  • technology can help meet different learning styles, like using Moodle
  • Daily Five
Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum
  • employability skills are relevant to kids looking to get their first jobs
  • Following the "Leatherman" (Rigor and Relevance tool created by the secondary last year)
  • 21st Century Skills focus on "real world" application = relevance
Student-Centered Classrooms
  • ask students thoughts in online discussions
  • 1:1 can facilitate student centered activities - kids can get the information and work with others to make meaning from it.
  • all technology we saw can help make a classroom student centered
  • collaboration
Assessments for Learning
  • ask students thoughts in online discussions
  • Using GoogleDocs - forms to help assess
  • Digital testing tools to give immediate feedback

"It all goes hand in hand and are the best ways to deliver instruction..."

"The items we came up with first were 'outside' the text, but they are the memorable learning experiences kids mention when they return as alumni to our classrooms."