Sept. 9th, 2009
Early Release 2:30 - 4:00pm
Location: Activities Center (small gym)

Learning Goal:
Teachers will become aware of the direction for this year's PD which includes:
  • A K-12 approach
  • PD developed by District School Improvement Team
  • Content focus: Growing in our understanding of the Iowa Core Curriculum


2:30 Overview of agenda and direction for this year's PD - Jen
Learn about this wiki
2:45 K-12 Team building around the Iowa Core
3:00 Overview of the Iowa Core with data points from staff survey

3:10 Visit the DE website for the Iowa Core Curriculum - our reference instead of all that paper
Iowa Core Curriculum Home Page
3:30 Review and make connections with the 5 characteristics of effective instruction

Note: A staff survey will be emailed to you during the early release time on the 9th. Please complete this by the end of the day Sept. 10. This survey will indicate your choices for Sept. 14th in-service sessions, and I will do my best to honor all of your choices. If you do not return the survey, all your sessions will be chosen for you. See the link on this wiki to the Sept. 14th in-service for more information about the sessions available.